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Snow days Also I think seeing a moose would be the coolest thing
Snow days. (Also, I think seeing a moose would be the coolest thing ever.)
9 Facts You May Not Know About Moose
Photo of Moose in Sweden: Marie Mattsson
Moose: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
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Photo of Moose in Sweden: Marie Mattsson
Moose lose their paddles every winter and grow new ones the following spring. "Antler growth is based on testosterone levels and day length," Carstensen ...
Moose, Land Animal,
Bull moose feeding on aquatic plants, note the soft velvet on the still growing antlers
Moose Information: Moose need to eat a lot of aquatic vegetation to provide sodium in
Moose / Elk facts Basics
Today a friend told us about encountering a moose in the Glacier National Forest. Those around the table shared survival tips. "You are supposed to make ...
Moose populations on alarming decline in North American parks
Something is happening to all the moose in Minnesota. The state once had a flourishing moose population in the north that was hunted and doing quite well: ...
John E Marriott/Getty Images
6 - Moose can live up to 20 years.
Philippe Henry Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Male Moose Grazing In Winter, Gaspesie National Park, Quebec, Canada
Elk herd grazing in the snow at Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah. Photo © Denise M. Silva
Moose / Elk
Moose Portrait
Mushing was never on my bucket list and it should have been. So much fun
Moose Peterson, photographing winter barn
WE 💙 REINDEER During our tours in #swedishlapland we always see plenty of #reindeer
Animal Facts: Moose
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Moose and Cat - can't imagine what the cat is thinking!! -
Courtesy: Moose Knuckles
Moose. Photo © Kris Millgate, Tight Line Media,
Moose calf during Summer by Marie Mattsson
Moose & Calf
Photo: Female and male moose with calf.
Random Pictures Of The Day - 72 Pics
Image: Washington State map showing WDFW regions.
See a moose in the wild
The Nature of Things
A curious sub-adult moose checks out her surroundings. Photo by Glacier NPS.
Porjolan Pirtti or Santa's Cottage in Lapland, Finland in Kuusamo
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With huge size comes a huge appetite. Moose are browsers and will casually devour 73 pounds a day in the summer and 34 pounds in the winter.
Organisms of all sizes pose a threat to moose.
moose story
Elk pellets. Photo courtesy Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Moose are the largest members of the deer family, weighing as much as 1200 pounds; they can grow to be 5 to 6.5 feet from hooves to shoulders.
Moose--love them--have seen them every time we travel to Rocky
Moose bull. Photo: Jan Nordström
A bull moose in water.
Traveling Naturalist: 5 Top Spots to See Yellowstone's Wildlife – Cool Green Science
Our aim is to avoid tourist attractions like icehotels and Santa theme parks, places which
Moose are naturally gifted swimmers. It's common to see one hop right into a lake and swim across at up to 6 mph. The animals have an innate ability to know ...
Moose Photos: A bull moose at a puddle with snow.
A pair of bison hang out in the snow at Yellowstone National Park, one of the United States' best spots to see the huge mammals. (William Campbell/Corbis )
Moose / Elk
Moose love to swim, and will often dive all the way under and swim for
Moose Information: Moose need to eat more than 50 pounds per day in the spring
A bull moose, who's antlers are just starting to regrow, plunges into McDonald Creek
A bull moose in water.
Moose with developing antlers
Cow moose and her calf on Marchington Lake at Ghost River Lodges.
Moose Hotel & Suites
bull moose in the snow
moose calf
Here's the unexpected tale of exactly how and why future U.S. president Teddy Roosevelt ended up riding that moose through a lake.
While many cows are in the last months of pregnancy and raising a young calf, bull moose begin re-growing antlers each spring.
Mouse Encounters
Isle Royale researchers take to the air for bird's eye view of wolves and moose
... Moose ...
Alaskan Animal Adaptations - Bering Land Bridge National Preserve (U.S. National Park Service)
Real - Piebald(also referred to as Pinto) Moose - The link includes these
More than any other member of the deer family, moose spend time in the water. The moose's association with water is so distinctive that moose may ...
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The view at 4am from the Aurora Nights Inn.
reindeer / caribou facts Basics
10 cool jobs for cold-weather lovers
The moose likely got drunk eating apples fermenting on the ground.
Female moose, or cows, generally have 1 to 2 calves in May. On average, the calves weigh about 30 pounds at birth and grow very quickly.
The great thing is that you can stay on for as long or as little as you want — the boat has a warm indoors area with free WiFi, restrooms, ...